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Bolus and Basal Injections and What You Need to Know

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The bolus-basal insulin injection regime for those living with diabetes works like your body should, but may not be a suitable fit for everyone. If you have insulin dependent diabetes, you’re very familiar with bolus insulin, the type of insulin that is short-acting, typically taken with meals. However, not as many people with diabetes are… Continue Reading

Your Insulin Pump Breaks: Now What?

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  Your insulin pump is a great tool to more effectively manage and regulate your diabetes. However, just like any other technological device, your pump can malfunction. The first thing to remember if this happens is to not panic! If your insulin pump malfunctions, perhaps the alarms are malfunctioning or the buttons aren’t working properly,… Continue Reading

Managing the Transition to an Insulin Pump

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Transitioning to an insulin pump  from injection therapy is a significant change, but can provide many benefits and improve your overall health. Moving from insulin injections to a pump is a big transition, but a smart decision given the many benefits a pump provides. Even though injections are less expensive and require less education, there… Continue Reading

Transitioning Your Child with Diabetes to an Insulin Pump

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Transitioning from insulin injections to an insulin pump can help you better maintain your child’s diabetes while adding significant convenience and spontaneity to your daily schedule.   Every parent knows that maintaining a regular schedule for their child is challenging.  Add diabetes management to the mix and the difficulty can arise exponentially. Transitioning from injections to… Continue Reading

Weight Management and Type 2 Diabetes

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 Providing the tools to help those with diabetes lose weight can help them take the first step towards protecting their health. Exercising regularly, coupled with eating healthy, is crucial to maintaining or losing weight and lowering cholesterol. These factors, along with the need to monitor your blood glucose are particularly important for those with diabetes.… Continue Reading

Have an Insulin Pump? Here are Some Precautions to Take Before, During, and, After Exercising

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Summer is here, which means it’s time to get active! People with diabetes are encouraged to exercise as a way to improve overall health. Improved blood glucose and weight loss are positive benefits for a better, healthier life.  There are some precautions that insulin pump users should take before starting a routine. But don’t let… Continue Reading

Choosing an Insulin Pump to Fit Your Needs – Which One is Right for You?

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    With so many different Insulin Pumps available for those with diabetes, choosing the right one to fit your lifestyle can be intimidating, confusing, and just plain overwhelming. If simply eliminating the need for individual injections isn’t enough of a reason to work through the many features, consider that insulin pumps also mean more control, less… Continue Reading

What Are The Advantages Of Using an Insulin Pump for Diabetes

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  The advantages of using an insulin pump are many, especially when compared to individual insulin injections.  Greater flexibility and more control over your diabetes ensures that you are doing everything you can to be at optimum health. Better controlled blood sugar numbers precisely demonstrate the hefty benefits of the insulin pump.   But, let’s… Continue Reading

Liquid Glucagon: A Step in the Right Direction for People with Diabetes

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Living with type 1 diabetes is a constant battle. Those afflicted with the disease are all too familiar with the painful finger pricks and close monitoring required to help them manage their sugar levels. Type 1 diabetics are extremely susceptible to hypoglycemia – a severe drop in blood sugar. Hypoglycemia has several unfavorable consequences such… Continue Reading

Insulin Pump May Decrease Costs for Some People with Type 2 Diabetes

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According to a recent study of people with Type 2 Diabetes, among high insulin users (using more than 150 units daily) insulin pump delivery  saved more than $12,000 over 4 years vs.Multiple Daily Injections (MDI) because basal rates dropped dramatically owing to better insulin absorption said certified diabetes educatorPhyllis Wolff-McDonagh, DNP, at the annual meeting of the American… Continue Reading

How Does an Insulin Pump Work?

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We get asked all the time. "How Does an Insulin Pump Work?" So, rather than reinvent the wheel, here’s a synopsis as found on the ADA (American Diabetes Association) website as well as a video from Focus Express Mail Pharmacy. Our thanks to them both! "An insulin pump can help you manage your diabetes. By… Continue Reading

AFREZZA is the New and Improved Inhalable Insulin for Diabetes

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    Coming soon to a pharmacy near you: AFREZZA, a new fast-acting form of inhaled insulin. According to recent studies, AFREZZA , will provide "glycemic control similar to standard insulin treatments with less risk of hypoglycemia and weight gain." Still waiting for FDA approval,  it also appears that AFREZZA will have a  lower risk of causing lung… Continue Reading

Now You Can Blame Your Big Belly and Diabetes on Bacteria!

Posted in Obesity and Diabetes
New research is adding another reason why some people have large waistlines. Scientists say that excessive bacteria in the stomach caused by a lack of the TLR5 (Toll-Like Receptor 5) protein may be the culprit. TLR5 guards against an overgrowth of bacteria in the intestines. If you remove TLR5, the intestines will be overgrown with an excessive amount… Continue Reading

High Levels of Insulin Increases Risk for Breast Cancer

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Insulin, a  hormone that is produced by the pancreas in the body, helps the body utilize glucose properly. Proper amounts of insulin prevent  hyperglycemia and the complications of diabetes. However, new research has shown that high amounts of insulin may be harmful. Researchers  have found that women with the highest levels of insulin were 50 percent more likely to develop… Continue Reading

Intensive Insulin Therapy Reduces Mortality in Seriously Ill Children

Posted in Children with Diabetes
  A new European study suggests that intensive insulin therapy may reduce the risk of death, infection and the length of intensive care stays for seriously ill children, Abnormally high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) often occurs in critically ill infants and children, and increases their risk of secondary infections and death. "Targeting of blood glucose concentrations… Continue Reading

Early Treatment with Insulin Reduces Risk of Death by 13% for People with Diabetes

Posted in Diabetes Research
A study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine, followed 3,277 newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes patients who were asked to tightly manage their blood sugar either through diet restrictions or drugs. The results show that the group taking insulin had a 15 percent lower risk of heart attack and a 13 percent lower risk… Continue Reading