Fewer cases of diabetes are being reported in recent years. However, the epidemic is not over!!

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The number of new diabetes cases being reported has declined for the fifth year straight. After decades of increases, this is a positive sign according to health care professionals. In 2014, 1.4 million people were diagnosed with diabetes, which is down from 1.7 million new cases reported in 2009. While the statistics are great news, they don’t mean the epidemic has ended.

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Learn surprising diabetes statistics regarding the prevalence and growth of diabetes and what you can do to learn more if you are diagnosed with diabetes.

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Diabetes is life changing. When you are first diagnosed, the amount of information you have to learn can sometimes be overwhelming. It may feel like in order to responsibly manage

A new iPhone application lets you track your fitness & health from your phone, perfect for someone with diabetes to gain more control over their health

 diabetes health app

Did you know that the new IOS 8 software for iPhone includes a health application that allows you to track your health and fitness data? The Health App is

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identifies 15 states in the US that make up the Diabetes Belt.

The study concludes that about 12 per cent of the people living in the “belt” have diabetes as opposed to 8.5 percent "outside the belt."The CDC’s  Lawrence E. Barker stated that a major

"The prevalence of arthritis is astoundingly high in people with diabetes," said Dr. John H. Klippel, president and CEO of the Arthritis Foundation. "Over half the people with diabetes have arthritis."
Although there appears to be a connection between arthritis and diabetes, the reason for it isn’t known, Klippel said. A possible explanation is obesity,

In a project described in the March/April Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, employers in 10 U.S. cities agreed to waive copays for employees’ diabetes meds, and to fund regular meetings between pharmacists and diabetic employees. A year after the project launched, 914 patients who had been enrolled for at least three months ….MORE

In a given day:

  • 4000 new cases of diabetes will be diagnosed.
  • 600 people will die from diabetes complications.
  • 200 people will undergo an amputation due to diabetes.
  • 100 cases of kidney failure will occur due to diabetes

These statistics were grimly uttered by Ann Albright, Director of the Division of Diabetes Translation for the