Our customers didn’t care how much we knew until they knew how much we cared. ~ Damon Richards

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My good friend Brian recently told me something that I didn’t know. He said  “did you know your business, Focus Express Mail Pharmacy, is NOT in the pharmacy or diabetes mail order business?”

“WHAT?? Of course

A new study explores whether antibiotic usage increases the risk for developing Type 2 diabetes.


A recent study in Denmark regarding antibiotic use and diabetes has created quite a buzz. Researchers found that in the years prior to their diagnosis, people with Type 2 diabetes took more antibiotics than those without it. This, of

Having diabetes means watching for blood sugar swings. Find more information on what causes these swings and how to control them.


If you’re living with diabetes, you are more than likely worried about swings in your blood sugar levels. Here is a list of common reasons for these swings. Keep in mind that some contributors

Your insulin pump is a powerful tool to help you more easily manage your diabetes. It delivers a small, continuous stream of insulin to your body day and night and is programmed to match your body’s needs.

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Now that you’ve decided to start using an insulin pump, you should take a look at this

With the release of Medtronic’s MiniMed Duo that combines a continuous glucose monitoring (cgm) sensor and insulin infusion site, now is a great time to evaluate your insulin pump options

 Minimed 530G  2

Medtronic recently announced the world’s first two-in-one device to combine a glucose sensor and insulin infusion set into one on-body device. The new MiniMed

Learn how one recent study could make all the difference for those with Type-1 diabetes during nighttime.


Having diabetes means always being aware of your body, the disease, and the many health choices necessary in successfully managing it. You might think that nighttime brings relief – a time of rest when those with diabetes

Try these five healthy, mouth-watering recipes that are diabetes-friendly and sure to keep your stomach happy this summer.

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The summer season brings with it neighborhood BBQs, trips to the pool, and family gatherings. It also brings many opportunities to feast on healthy and (not-so-healthy) foods. This year, plan to enjoy every summer activity that comes