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Important Insulin Pump Information for First Time Users

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Your insulin pump is a powerful tool to help you more easily manage your diabetes. It delivers a small, continuous stream of insulin to your body day and night and is programmed to match your body’s needs.   Now that you’ve decided to start using an insulin pump, you should take a look at this list of… Continue Reading

Cartoon #3 in Focus Express Mail Pharmacy’s Cartoon Caption Contest

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  Here’s June’s "Focus Funny" and the THIRD in Focus Express Mail Pharmacy’s  Diabetes Cartoon Caption Contest. Please add your caption as a comment and if the judges like it, YOU will win a $100 gift card to Home Depot, Best Buy, Sears OR American Express. Remember, ALL captions should have a medication or diabetes theme!!  Place your entry!… Continue Reading

“Focus Funnies” Cartoon Caption Contest from Focus Express Mail Pharmacy

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  Focus Focus Express Mail Pharmacy invites you to join them for a good laugh. And also to provide your best creative caption for the first in a series of "Focus Funnies" cartoons. Just join the Focus Express Mail Pharmacy group on FaceBook and enter your inspired caption for the cartoon as a comment. They’ll read ’em all and select… Continue Reading