Candy may be a big part of Halloween, but that doesn’t mean children with diabetes can’t partake in the holiday.

happy halloween

Ghosts, ghouls and goblins aren’t the scariest part of Halloween if your child has diabetes. According to the National Retail Federation, the average American spends more than $20 on Halloween candy, with total national spending clocking in at more than $2 billion. But the holiday’s sugary nature doesn’t mean your child can’t participate—follow the simple solutions below to safely navigate the festivities.

Make a plan

Determine how much candy your child is allowed to keep and eat on Halloween, and adjust their meal plan based on the number of carbohydrates they’ll be consuming. Check out the JDRF website for a handy list of common Halloween candy carb values. Joslin Diabetes Center also suggests including your child in the planning process so they know what to expect and can contribute ideas for what to do with extra goodies.

Navigating trick-or-treating

Take the focus off sweets by encouraging your child to select or create a costume they’re really enthusiastic about. To protect feet make sure they’re wearing close-toed shoes and moisture-wicking socks.

Because trick-or-treating can mean a lot of walking, be prepared for fluctuations in blood glucose levels by packing a healthy snack, such as dried apple slices or a rice cake with peanut butter. Having healthy options on hand means kids will be less tempted to sneak candy.

Shop smart

When the last trick-or-treater rings your bell, chances are that you’ll be left with excess sweets, so choosing the right candy to pass out is essential. Hard candy, gumdrops or lollipops are good options because they can be used to treat glucose lows throughout the year, unlike high-fat treats like chocolate.

Dealing with extra candy

After your child enjoys the agreed-upon number of sweets, put away the remainder and work it into their diets in the following months, perhaps including a piece or two with lunch. Additional options including letting your child exchange candy for a treat, such as a toy, special dinner or fun activity, or donating leftovers to a local community group.

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