Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) devices are an important part of diabetes supplies for some people who need to keep an especially close eye on their condition.



With new advancements in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems, diabetes management is becoming much easier, very quickly. Currently, although not for everyone, CGM devices are an important part of diabetes supplies for some people, especially those who need to keep a close eye on their insulin levels.

Monitoring Levels Continuously with CGM

Here’s how they work. The CGM system uses a tiny sensor that is inserted just under the skin, usually painlessly. Working wirelessly with a remote device, the sensor gathers information on your blood glucose levels day and night, collecting readings about every five minutes.

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CGM devices are currently FDA approved and available by prescription. They are more expensive than traditional glucose monitoring  but when combined with periodic finger sticks (at least one finger prick is needed every 12 hours to calibrate the CGM), can give some people with diabetes and their doctors a more complete picture of glucose levels throughout the day.

Other Benefits

If you’re like many who use insulin pumps and a CGM system is recommended for you, there’s good news. Many pumps can be linked to the CGM device. Rather than manually programming your pump, it will be activated at the right time through your CGM system.

What does the future hold for diabetes supplies?

Scientists are continuing to test and develop new CGM systems with the goal of combining glucose monitoring and insulin delivery automatically, much like a healthy human pancreas does naturally. Ultimately, although not a cure, an artificial pancreas could significantly improve the care of those with diabetes, making the condition much more easily managed.

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