A new iPhone application lets you track your fitness & health from your phone, perfect for someone with diabetes to gain more control over their health

 diabetes health app

Did you know that the new IOS 8 software for iPhone includes a health application that allows you to track your health and fitness data? The Health App is a brand new way to approach health and fitness tracking and has many capabilities that add value to someone living with diabetes.

Overview and Capabilities

The new app allows you to track important milestone health and fitness activities including work-outs, meals eaten and more. It also has integrations with several other health and fitness apps allowing you to have easy access to multiple types of data including your heart rate, calories burned, blood sugar and cholesterol. It’s the beginning of a health revolution – all your health data in one place giving you a clear and concise overview of your current well-being. The app also allows you to create an emergency card with important health information. This can be extremely helpful for those with diabetes. If you suddenly have an emergency, those around you can determine, 1) you have diabetes, and 2) get a quick snapshot of your current health status with the app.

In addition, with HealthKit, developers can make new apps even more useful by allowing them to access your health data. When your health and fitness apps work together, they become more powerful giving you peace of mind and more control over your own health.

Privacy Policy

You have complete control over what information you want shared from the app. For example, you can allow the data from your cholesterol app to be automatically shared with your doctor or not shared at all. Apple promises that when your phone is locked with a passcode or Touch ID, all of your health and fitness data in the Health app is encrypted so you don’t have to worry about information you don’t want shared being leaked. You can also back up all of your health data to the iCloud.

While new technology can sometimes seem overwhelming, it can also be extremely helpful, in this case letting you track important information with convenience and easy accessibility. If you have diabetes, information such as last insulin intake, what to do in a diabetes emergency and more will be at your fingertips.

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