You need to take a serious look at any tool to help manage your blood glucose levels. An insulin pump can be your best ally in managing your diabetes.

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Whether you have Type I or Type II diabetes, you know the challenges of constantly working to keep your blood glucose levels within the acceptable range. An insulin pump is a serious tool you can use to help manage your blood glucose levels.

If you don’t yet know about insulin pumps and how they work, here’s a primer on the how and why an insulin pump can help you manage your diabetes.

The Components of an Insulin Pump

An insulin pump has three key components:

  1. A reservoir that holds insulin
  2. A battery-operated pump
  3. A computer chip that allows you to program your insulin doses

The insulin pump looks a little like a pager and is often worn near the waist. The pump connects to your body using the needle end of a thin catheter. Insulin flows from your pump through the catheter and is absorbed into your bloodstream.

How an Insulin Pump Works

Your insulin pump will deliver a small, continuous stream of insulin to your body (basal rate), 24 hours a day. You program your pump to deliver the correct amount of insulin for your body by checking insulin levels regularly (at least four times a day).

After you eat, buttons on the pump can deliver a bolus dose to cover the amount of carbohydrates consumed in a meal or snack. You can also trigger a bolus dose from the pump should your blood glucose levels become too high before eating.

Insulin Pump Benefits

Programming your pump to fit your personal habits and body make it easier to regulate your blood glucose levels. Also, your pump eliminates the need for individual insulin injections, which most users find to be a great convenience.

 These are the basics of insulin pumps. For questions, and more details be sure to ask the experts at Focus Express Mail Pharmacy at 1-866-403-6287. They have a complete selection of insulin pumps and diabetes supplies and are always available to answer any of your questions.