So, you have your new insulin pump, but do you know where to put it? This blog will fill you in on some tips.

insulin pump minimed threshold suspendInsulin Pump Placement Tips

You’ve educated yourself about insulin pumps, you’ve purchased one, but now it’s time to actually start using it. Where you put the pump matters, so make sure you give it some thought. Last August we wrote a post covering the basics, but we’ve gotten some questions since then, so we thought we would revisit the topic and answer those inquiries.

Do I need to change the pump site?

Yes, definitely. You need to change your pump site every two to three days to avoid infections and high blood glucose levels. To briefly recap part of our post from last August, some good locations on your body for your pump site include;

  • ·        Your lower abdomen,
  • ·        Your lower back,
  • ·        Your hip area, and
  • ·        The back of your legs.


What are some suggestions for discreet placement of my insulin pump?

This is a common question, especially with summer around the corner. One of the most important things is to find places that are comfortable for you. Although around the abdomen is often suggested, you can be creative. A blogger on dLife has found a number of places that work for her including the back of her arm, jeans pockets, and even in her socks.  She suggests that women may be able to place the pump in their bra while wearing a dress. A little creativity can go a long way to make your pump less noticeable.

Does the location affect how the insulin is absorbed?

The answer to this is a resounding yes. When you change the location of your pump site, you may need to alter your basal rate. Make sure you pay close attention to your blood glucose levels after changing the pump site – especially when you first begin using the pump.

If you have more questions about your insulin pump, insulin pump supplies, or if you are thinking about purchasing an insulin pump, talk to your healthcare professional and the experts at Focus Express Mail Pharmacy. We are available to answer your questions and help you choose the insulin pump that is right for you. Call toll-free 1-866-403-6287 or check our website