There are several considerations people with diabetes should weigh when transitioning from insulin injections to an insulin pump.

 If you have been managing your diabetes with injections, but have always wondered about an insulin pump, a switch may be the right move for you. As with any medical decision, you should look at both sides, but you should realize that a pump can offer such benefits as easy operation, insulin delivery that mimics a pancreas, relief from constantly pricking your skin, flexibility, and automation of insulin delivery.  


To explore your decision-making further, let’s look at 5 tips that can help your transition:


Realize that this is a physical transition — if you have been giving yourself insulin injections for an extended time, you will feel differently when you switch to the pump. This is natural. Your body will take some time to adjust, but in the interest of your overall health, a little discomfort at first may be worth it.


Understand that the pump can make you feel better — after the physical transition, you should feel better on a more consistent basis. With a moderated blood sugar level, your overall daily routine should improve; meaning less wooziness, less light-headedness and successfully staving off the onset of sleepiness.


Take time to fiddle with your wardrobe if you want to hide your pump, or find new and better ways to secure it, take a look at your clothes. Cutting interior holes, fastening on loops, utilizing pockets, using belts as an anchor — the choices are up to you. Being creative with placement is something to consider.


Get excited about getting active — since you will have greater control of your blood sugar, the ability to exercise increases.  By improving your fitness, your overall health can benefit, along with a better day-to-day outlook.


Consider your long-term health — by choosing a pump, which keeps blood sugar lower overall, you can help yourself prevent long-term health concerns, which often cause some of diabetes’ most dreaded complications, like blindness and amputation.


If you are considering transitioning to an insulin pump, our highly qualified staff can help answer your questions. Call us today at 1-866403-6287 to have a discussion about which pump is right for you, or visit the Focus Express Mail Pharmacy website for more information.