Economy is Causing Bad Drug Side Effects for People with Diabetes

 There are many unpublicized "side effects" to the worsening economy . The lost jobs, plant closings, high food prices, decreasing 401k's, and store bankruptcies are bringing to light horror stories about how people are now cutting back on their medications & supplies as well as doctor visits because they can't afford them.

People are cutting their glucose testing strips in half lengthwise to get two tests instead of one. This totally prevents any possibilty of accuracy. And, because these patients are not getting a true picture of their blood glucose level, they are opening themselves up to the severe complications of diabetes and possible hospital stays.

They're taking their diabetes or heart or blood pressure medications every OTHER day instead of every day, or cutting them in half  or  sometimes skipping them entirely.And they're doing this without consulting their pharmacist or physician.

And, what's more, people who are receiving NEW prescriptions are not getting them filled because they flat out cannot afford to get them filled.

Most of these people are those who have no insurance for their medications and supplies but  suprisingly, those with high co-pays are also cutting back.

Before you do anything drastic like this:

  • Ask your doctor for samples of the medication(s) that you need.
  • Call around for prices and use generic medications wherever possible .
  • Check out the pharmacies that have 30 days of medication for only $4.00. Maybe your medication is on that list.
  • See which pharmacies( mostly in supermarkets) are offering FREE antibiotic prescriptions and which antibiotics are on that list.
  • Check with the manufacturers of your medications to see if you qualify for deeply discounted prices. Income and insurance are factors.
  • Contact the Partnership for Prescription Assistance at 888-477-2669 or
  • Check out
  • Above all, consult with your doctor and pharmacist FIRST. They will be able to help you!